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July 7th - Advanced Day / Mini Comp

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This event is for A Group drivers only! Full day of driving with some of the best drivers in the Midwest region and surrounding areas! Night driving Under the lights, Tandem Trains, Mini Competitions, Cash Prizes, and much more!

Mini Competition Guidelines:

Barrel Tap – A barrel is placed on track as a clipping point. A circle is drawn around the base of the barrel with paint. When hitting the barrel, you want to just clip it enough to move it and show that you made contact, but you cannot hit it out of the circle. As we go through the contestants, drivers are eliminated by hitting the barrel outside of the circle. Distance is judged by measurement from the original barrel line in relation to the position after tapping the barrel.

**Each driver will be given a Second Run Ticket**

Contestants/Drivers will give this Ticket to the Grid worker if they do not hit the barrel at all during their run. This ticket will allow the driver to get a second try at hitting the barrel to try one last time to stay in the Competition. Each driver is only given ONE “Second Run Ticket.”

Saturday July 7th Schedule:
>Driver Cost: $125
>Spectators: $15
>Kids 12 & Under are Free

10:00am – Gates open to drivers (Tech open 10am-2pm)
02:00pm – Spectator Gates Open/Track goes hot
04:00pm – Track cold, setup Mini Comp layout
04:30pm – Mini Comp starts
06:30pm – Mini Comp ends/Winner Ceremony
07:00pm – Open Track
11:59pm – Track Cold/Bonfire/Camping

***Event schedule subject to adjustment***
Please read the rule book before registering. Refunds will not be given!
Rule Book ---> https://tinyurl.com/y9d686ja
Please contact Mi Drift with any questions before registering. All sales are final.

**** Drivers: Your driver spots allows you spectator entry into the other event at no additional cost. Your plus one only applies to the day you are registered to drive. (ex: You are driving on the 7th then you can show up and hang out free on the 8th and vice versa.) Thanks.